Discover why more and more medical professionals prefer Xacte over all other billing solutions.

Billing that is customized to your speciality

Your billing challenges are unique to your practice. That is why our specialized advisors customize your Xacte interface to meet your specific needs.



Adopt the same tool as 75% of Quebec psychiatrists and benefit from access to exclusive comparative reports.

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Medical Specialists

Medical Specialists

Use menus, billing codes and features customized for your medical practice.

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General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Create payment claims directly from your electronic medical records to avoid double data entry.

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Medical Clinics, FMG and U-FMG

Medical Clinics, FMG and U-FMG

Benefit from a group discount and bet a free module that simplifies the RAMQ patient registration process.

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Use a tool recommended by the AOQ and benefit from a usage plan tailored to your real billing needs.

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Receive comprehensive training in RAMQ medical billing and get 6 months' free use of Xacte.

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Quebec physicians like Xacte

4,000 physicians trust Xacte
99 of customers who choose Xacte stay with Xacte
6,000,000 payment claims processed yearly
99 of payments in conformity with claims submitted

Xacte is much more than a medical billing software

It is an intelligent system that can simplify your payment requests, combined with a team of experts dedicated to optimize your billing.

Why entrust your billing to Xacte?

Payment Validation Process Data

Avoid payment refusals with multiple validation processes that ensure the accuracy of your data.

Technical Support Training Medical Practice

Receive training tailored to your medical practice that allows you to use Xacte quickly and efficiently.

Technical Support Customer Service

Access effective technical support and advice through a chat window and hotline.

Payment Claims Mobile App Android iOS Device

Enter, manage and consult your payment claims quickly using your Android or iOS device.

RAMQ Payment Claims Amount Data

See the amount of your payment claims before sending it to RAMQ and adjust your data if needed.

Medical Billing More Time Patients

Devote more time to your patients by eliminating several administrative tasks related to medical billing.

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Promotion Residents RAMQ Training 6 months Free
Promotion for residents

Xacte offers residents free training on RAMQ medical billing and 6 months of free use.

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"The Xacte team helped me at every step of my career path, from the beginning of my professional practice, to a change of environment and even with the opening of my medical clinic. Xacte is definitely composed of a highly professional team, having a personalized and peerless customer service. Their expertise quickly proved that I could trust them unreservedly with my medical billing. I recommend this tool."

Physician - La Pensée Medical Clinic

"The beginning of a professional practice, particularly as a specialist, comes with many challenges requiring a lot of adaptation, I was very satisfied with the billing services provided by Xacte. The members of their team are always attentive, very available, they respond quickly to our questions, and are always forward looking and reassuring. Their reliability is exemplary. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for having facilitated the beginning of my practice."

Physician - Charles LeMoyne Hospital

"Every time I phoned, I was able to speak to a competent person who led me in my search for solutions. I am very grateful to Xacte for being able to support me in my medical billing process, for providing me with an easy and efficient system and for offering me a flawless service. I cannot help but recommend this company to my colleagues."

Physician - Laennec Clinic

Proactive Team Professionals Satisfaction

A Proactive Team That Listens to Your Needs

Xacte is highly effective and intelligent. But our strength lies in our team's expertise. Our clients benefit from the real-time support from their designated advisor, in order to respond to their specific needs related to medical billing.

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Billing guide Specialty Xacte

Billing Guide for Your Specialty

Would you like to receive a personalized guide explaining the principal regulations and billing codes for your specialty? The Xacte team can provide it to you free of charge, with no commitment on your part. Available in french only.

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