Un médecin souriant discutant avec un patient, illustration d'un ecran avec une vue sur un backoffice de logiciel

Key Advantages

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaceInterface intuitive
  • Quick access to the information you need when entering a patient
  • No duplicate data entry
  • Automated management of patients
  • Duplicate registrations for rapid addition and modification of information

Features Overview

Quick entry of payment requestsDetails

  • Billing grid for entering meetings, hourly rates, and mixed remuneration
  • Grid models for packages and recurring patients
  • Checklist and keyboard shortcuts adapted to specialty
  • List of diagnostics specific to specialty
  • Referent professional directory
  • Transfer of data from the EMR to Xacte (exclusive to medical clinics)
  • Creation of payment requests from EyeVu or OptoClick to Xacte (exclusive to optometrists)

Mobile application with the digitalization of NAMsDetails

  • Includes the majority of functions for entering, validating, and consulting payment requests and documents
  • Automatic digitization of NAMs (single or multiple) without manual entry
  • Geolocation allows automatic selection of billing location
  • Electronic smart castonguette for quick selection of activities
  • Available in iOS and Android

Automatic data validationDetails

  • Real-time validation of NAMs with RAMQ
  • Automatic validation of billing codes
  • Automatic validation of diagnostics
  • Total payment amount displayed before sending to RAMQ
  • Automated calculation of lim
  • Calendar with deadlines

Account statements in Web and PDF versionDetails

  • Tax documents
  • Ability to add your own documents and favorites
  • Synchronization with DropBox available
  • Documents, reports, and statistics

Free registration patient moduleDetails

  • Simplified patient registration with the RAMQ available to medical clinics
  • Real-time access to patient records
  • Duplication of registrations for quick changes or additions
  • Automatic registration of correct billing codes
  • Synchronization with the Xacte billing system

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