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New Doctor's Guide

Xacte's medical billing experts have designed a guide that will help you understand the different aspects of your new compensation and RAMQ billing processes.

Please note that the guide is available in French only


Designed for new physicians in Quebec who are preparing to bill with RAMQ

In this guide you will find :


A summary of the steps to follow at the beginning of your practice


Ways to manage your billing with RAMQ


The main methods of payment


Creation and follow-up of a payment claim


How to bill your activities


Elements that influence your compensation

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Xacte's customers

Testimonials from satisfied physicians

"It is not a satisfaction but a delight to take advantage of your services, so thank you. You are aware that we wish to dedicate our time to care and while we are happy to be compensated for it, we do not wish to waste time on it."

icon-md2@3xDr Lionel Cailhol,            Psychiatrist 


"The system is clear, the service is fast and courteous, errors are reported clearly, follow-up on questions and issues is diligent. Thanks to Xacte, I was able to quickly adjust my billing to COVID. I have nothing but congratulations!"

icon-md2@3x Dr Eric Morissette,                Internist


"The Xacte team has been with me every step of the way in my career, from starting my practice, to moving to a different environment, to opening my own clinic. Xacte is definitely a professional team, with an outstanding customer service."

icon-md2@3x Dre Andree-Ann Hounsell, Psychiatrist