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A specialist guides you through the RAMQ's registration process and the billing of your first services

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Free training session tailored to your discipline to help you master your billing

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Access to an unparalleled consulting service and technical support via chat and phone

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This offer gives you access to the Xacte Web solution, mobile app, and service with the Premium plan. Fill out the form, then an advisor will contact you within 48 hours to finalize your request.

COVID-19 Situation - Priority for residents in emergency medicine

Xacte is committed to facilitating and accelerating the creation of the billing account for residents in emergency medicine who received their practice number sooner than expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can start billing quickly, without having to worry about documentation and details until the situation returns to normal. Exceptionally, we will:

  • Contact you within hours
  • Set up a simplified account quickly
  • Conduct an accelerated priority training
  • Give you access immediately

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