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Coordinating claims requires a great deal of effort, and can quickly become a major administrative burden.

Xacte is renowned for the reliability of its software, as well as for its personalized, all-inclusive support. Xacte's expert consultants work alongside the software to:

  • Reduce billing submission errors
  • Manage billing for private insurers
  • Validate statements of account
  • Review payment refusals

This integrated approach also enables fast, fluid communication between our experts and doctors, greatly increasing the efficiency of the process.

Stay in control of your billing 

Whenever a change is made to claims, you can consult the detailed explanation provided by the expert assigned to your account. When a new RAMQ rule comes into effect that could affect your practice, our experts analyze it and send you the relevant information.

Get quick answers to your questions

Whether by chat, e-mail or telephone, it's easy to get in touch with your dedicated expert. They will get back to you instantly, or as quickly as possible, with a complete answer.

Rest assured of your regulatory compliance

Physician are legally responsible for their billing, and must therefore ensure compliance. Xacte's solution prevents problems by providing additional quality control through an automatic validation of several procedures, after which experts carry out additional validations to guarantee your peace of mind.

Glean data to guide your practice
  • Xacte also offers business intelligence and compensation reporting options to support your practice. Detailed account statements, revenue per physician and other reports are just a click away.
  • Access a wide range of data for your clinical management.

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Trust Other Physicians

The system is clear, the service is prompt and courteous, errors are clearly reported, questions and issues are followed up diligently. Thanks to Xacte, I was able to quickly adjust my billing to COVID. I only have congratulations!

Dr. Morissette, Internist

The Xacte team is dynamic, proactive and attentive. Not only do they respond to my questions quickly, they also give me suggestions to improve my billing!

Dr. Fadois, General Practitioner

I was treated to an exceptional onboarding and follow-up service. Whether by phone or chat, the quality of communications has always been excellent.

Dr. Girard, General Practitioner

I find that the system is well done and that it makes invoicing a lot easier, it is so fast and easy to use. The team is simply amazing and I receive excellent service. Frankly, I don't know how I would have done without Xacte during the pandemic.

Dr. Beauregard, Psychiatrist

Features Overview

Quick entry of payment requestsDetails

  • Billing grid for entering meetings, hourly rates, and mixed remuneration
  • Grid models for packages and recurring patients
  • Checklist and keyboard shortcuts adapted to specialty
  • List of diagnostics specific to specialty
  • Referent professional directory
  • Transfer of data from the EMR to Xacte (exclusive to medical clinics)
  • Creation of payment requests from EyeVu or OptoClick to Xacte (exclusive to optometrists)

Mobile application with the digitalization of NAMsDetails

  • Includes the majority of functions for entering, validating, and consulting payment requests and documents
  • Automatic digitization of NAMs (single or multiple) without manual entry
  • Geolocation allows automatic selection of billing location
  • Electronic smart castonguette for quick selection of activities
  • Available in iOS and Android

Automatic data validationDetails

  • Real-time validation of NAMs with RAMQ
  • Automatic validation of billing codes
  • Automatic validation of diagnostics
  • Total payment amount displayed before sending to RAMQ
  • Automated calculation of lim
  • Calendar with deadlines

Account statements in Web and PDF versionDetails

  • Tax documents
  • Ability to add your own documents and favorites
  • Synchronization with DropBox available
  • Documents, reports, and statistics

Free registration patient moduleDetails

  • Simplified patient registration with the RAMQ available to medical clinics
  • Real-time access to patient records
  • Duplication of registrations for quick changes or additions
  • Automatic registration of correct billing codes
  • Synchronization with the Xacte billing system

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