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The system is clear, the service is prompt and courteous, errors are clearly reported, questions and issues are followed up diligently. Thanks to Xacte, I was able to quickly adjust my billing to COVID. I only have congratulations!

Dr. Morissette, Internist

The Xacte team is dynamic, proactive and attentive. Not only do they respond to my questions quickly, they also give me suggestions to improve my billing!

Dr. Fadois, General Practitioner

I was treated to an exceptional onboarding and follow-up service. Whether by phone or chat, the quality of communications has always been excellent.

Dr. Girard, General Practitioner

I find that the system is well done and that it makes invoicing a lot easier, it is so fast and easy to use. The team is simply amazing and I receive excellent service. Frankly, I don't know how I would have done without Xacte during the pandemic.

Dr. Beauregard, Psychiatrist
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