The Xacte team is part of PetalMD, which has more than 70 employees dedicated to improving the health system.

Our team is our core, our strength

As of 2018, the Xacte solution has been offered by PetalMD, a Canadian leader in digital health, specializing in the development of medico-administrative solutions. Whether your passion is coding, customer satisfaction or anything in between, PetalMD has a role that’s fit for you.


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If you want to participate in the innovation of a growing company that tackles nothing less than the improvement of the healthcare system, we want you on our team. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, but we believe that more is required to build a highly motivated team.

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Billing Guide for Your Specialty

Would you like to receive a personalized guide that contains the main rules and billing codes for your specialty? The Xacte team can provide you with this document for free, without obligation on your part.

Available in French only.

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