Unveiling of Our New Brand Image: Xacte Medical Billing by Petal

Xacte, renowned for its expertise and cutting-edge medical billing solutions, announces its association with Petal, marking the change of its name to Xacte Medical Billing by Petal. 

This alliance between the two brands goes far beyond a simple visual overhaul; it symbolizes a powerful alignment of our vision with Petal’s. By combining Xacte’s trusted reputation with Petal’s, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation and contribute to Petal’s mission to revolutionize healthcare systems, making them agile, efficient, and resilient.  

This transformation reflects our determination to meet the diverse needs of the healthcare industry, serving physicians, healthcare facilities, and care networks to the best of our ability. By combining our offerings, we aim to deliver even greater value to the various stakeholders in the healthcare sector and to drive positive change in the industry. 

While maintaining the quality of service for which Xacte is renowned, our partnership with Petal enhances our offerings by integrating us into a team of over 350 professionals dedicated to service excellence, technological advancement, and cybersecurity. This collaboration assures our clients that they are in good hands and can remain focused on what truly matters; making the world of healthcare a better place.  

United in a common purpose, Xacte and Petal are ready to bring about significant change in the healthcare sector in Canada, placing people at the heart of our innovations and driving transformative changes in the industry. 

Together, let’s change the game in healthcare!


photo of Melanie Roth"We are thrilled to unveil this transformation for Xacte Medical Billing by Petal, which represents an important step in our mission to revolutionize healthcare in Canada. By combining our offering, we aim to deliver even greater value to the various healthcare stakeholders and drive positive change in the industry."

- Melanie Roth, VP Communications & Marketing 



Photo of Patrice Gilbert, CEO of Petal"This is an exciting chapter in our journey to empower healthcare organizations and enhance the quality of work life for healthcare professionals while improving patient care. Together, we are committed to leveraging our collective strengths to address the critical needs of the Canadian healthcare landscape and drive innovation that truly makes a difference."

- Patrice Gilbert, CEO of Petal



About Xacte Medical Billing by Petal 

With a trusted reputation among more than 9,100 physicians, Xacte offers a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution. By simplifying the claims submission process and reducing administrative burdens, Xacte leverages a unique synergy of expertise and technology to deliver an unparalleled experience for healthcare professionals, medical clinics, and billing agency partners.  


About Petal

Petal, a leading Canadian health technology solutions and consulting firm, is committed to optimizing healthcare delivery. With a vision to revolutionize healthcare systems for agility, efficiency, and resilience, Petal focuses on forecasting and shaping world-class healthcare through advanced analytics and insights. Specializing in real-time orchestration, capacity management, data-driven forecasting, and revenue cycle optimization, Petal empowers organizations to create a more humane healthcare for all. 

Founded in 2010, Petal boasts a large and diverse customer base, including over 75,000 healthcare professional users. With 350 employees in 7 offices across Canada, France, and the United States, Petal collaborates with over 900 healthcare facilities, benefiting 8 million patients through improved quality of care. Over the years, Petal has amassed invaluable knowledge and expertise, supporting healthcare organizations in their digital transformation endeavors.


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