Integrate Your RAMQ Billing with Your Petal Calendar

Doctors should not have to spend too much time on RAMQ billing, nor on the manual planning of medical schedules. With this in mind, Petal offers physicians, who normally submit their billing using Xacte, the option to bill for services that are registered in their Petal calendar with a single click.

Examples of billable activities from the Petal schedule include: 

  • On-call fees

  • Training sessions

  • Department or clinical meetings

  • Committee meetings

  • Lecture clubs

  • Academic meetings

  • Training sessions for doctors, students or other healthcare professionals

What Advantages Flow from the Xacte-Petal Integration?

  • Save time when entering your activities
    Your activities are already entered in your calendar; instead of recording them in another software or on paper, you can import them with a single click. This advantage is particularly interesting when your healthcare facility already requires your on-call shifts to be entered on the Petal platform.
  • Prevent revenue loss from overlooked sources
    A lot of doctors forget to bill certain kinds of meetings for which they are entitled to a remuneration. This integration makes it easier to bill for everything listed in your calendar.
  • Make sure your billing conforms to RAMQ’s rules
    The integration of the Petal calendar with the Xacte solution ensures physicians that their medico-administrative activities are RAMQ compliant, particularly with regards to meetings. For example, a meeting that is entered in your Petal calendar allows you to record the attendance and has necessarily been announced in a meeting notice (a RAMQ requirement).
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of your billing data
    Billing data is entirely private and only exists in the secured billing solution; no trace is left in the Petal hospital platform.


Who Can Benefit From the Xacte-Petal Integration?

All physicians who have an active account on the Petal platform and who use the Xacte medical billing solution can as of now, and for no additional cost, bill their activities directly from their work schedule.

To take advantage of this integration, please write to or request it directly in your chat service, which is accessible from your private Xacte portal.