New webinars for this spring

Start your medical billing on the right foot and attend our training to how to bill with a medical billing software

Two dates:

  • September 19th | for family practitioners
  • September 26th | for specialists

See what the billing of acts and fees looks like in a system connected to the RAMQ in order to have a concrete overview of day-to-day billing.

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No dates match your availability?

Xacte teams can provide customized training if more than 5 physicians attend.

For more information on this possibility, you can contact us directly.


Over 600 residents registered for this spring's trainings and 98% recommend them

"Very interesting training, I took several notes. We overviewed the different scenarios that we could experience. And now I feel more ready for the beginning of my practice!"

General Practitioner

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"Really good training. Clear, concise and interactive. The trainer gave excellent answers to our many questions."


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"The training allowed me to clarify many concepts of medical billing that were confusing to me."

General Practioner

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"Great training, following a well-thought structure tailored to my specialty. I really appreciated the interaction and the answer clarifications to the questions asked throughout the training."


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Additional Guides to our billing trainings

How to choose your billing agency?


This guide provides a list of criteria for evaluating whether a billing agency's services are right for you.


New doctor's guide
(french only)


This guide presents the basics of physician remuneration as well as the first administrative steps to take with the RAMQ.


The differences between Paper and Digital RAMQ billing (french only)

Couverture -- Guide papier vs numérique

This guide explores the key differences between the traditional handwritten medical billing process and online entry.