Start billing the RAMQ for free!

More user friendly than any other billing system, Xacte is the ideal tool for all physicians starting their practice.

We are offering 6 free months of Xacte billing, a limited time, no commitment no obligationoffer which includes:

  • Assistance to get you started with the RAMQ’s registration and your billing.
  • 6 free months of services with our most complete plan, the EXPERT plan, including access to our online platform and our mobile app.
  • A free training session tailored to your discipline’s billing.
  • Access to your own appointed billing specialist to help and guide you through the RAMQ’s rules and regulations.

Using Xacte will make your first claims much easier to complete. With thanks to the most powerful validation tools in the industry, billing errors and RAMQ’s refusals are prevented beforehand. It will cut down on billing corrections and revisions which are the most time consuming operations with the RAMQ.

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