Simplify your medical billing


Take advantage of a proven web and mobile solution to simplify your medical billing. Xacte allows you to ensure your compliance with RAMQ standards and avoid the risk of error that could lead to payment refusals while optimizing your billing.

Feature Overview

Quick entry of payment requestsDétails

  • Billing grid for entering meetings, hourly rates, and mixed remuneration
  • Grid models for packages and recurring patients
  • Checklist and keyboard shortcuts adapted to specialty
  • List of diagnostics specific to specialty
  • Referent professional directory
  • Transfer of data from the EMR to Xacte (exclusive to medical clinics)
  • Creation of payment requests from EyeVu or OptoClick to Xacte (exclusive to optometrists)

Mobile application with the digitalization of NAMsDétails

  • Includes the majority of functions for entering, validating, and consulting payment requests and documents
  • Automatic digitization of NAMs (single or multiple) without manual entry
  • Geolocation allows automatic selection of billing location
  • Electronic smart castonguette for quick selection of activities
  • Available in iOS and Android

Automatic data validationDétails

  • Real-time validation of NAMs with RAMQ
  • Automatic validation of billing codes
  • Automatic validation of diagnostics
  • Total payment amount displayed before sending to RAMQ
  • Automated calculation of lim
  • Calendar with deadlines

Account statements in Web and PDF versionDétails

  • Tax documents
  • Admissibility reports
  • Ability to add your own documents and favorites
  • Synchronization with DropBox available
  • Comparison of fee-for-service versus mixed remuneration
  • Comparative statistics with other doctors in your discipline (exclusively for psychiatrists).
  • Documents, reports, and statistics

Free patient registration moduleDétails

  • Simplified patient registration with the RAMQ available to medical clinics
  • Real-time access to patient records
  • Duplication of registrations for quick changes or additions
  • Automatic registration of correct billing codes
  • Synchronization with the Xacte billing system

Trust Other Physicians

"The Xacte mobile application allows me to bill when and where I like. It is user friendly and saves me a lot of time! I do my billing on site after seeing each patient and I minimize my mistakes. The team is amazing! There is an help icon, and if you are having difficulty with anything, with a simple email they will respond to you in the same day."

- Psychiatrist

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"My experience with Xacte's mobile application is very positive. Using it is simple, fast and makes complex billing easy."

- Psychiatrist

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"The Xacte mobile application: to try it is to love it! Indeed, I could not do without it. It allows me to enter my data when and where I like, directly from my workplace. It helps me avoid mistakes and oversights and it saves me valuable time during my weekly billing because, with one click, mobile data is transferred to my billing grid."

- Psychiatrist

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