Automatic error detection to avoid payment refusals


Keyboard shortcuts and checklists specific to each specialty

Layer 1-1

Automatic NAM scanning (single or multiple), without requiring manual entry

Layer 1

Real-time calculation of current billing amounts (1)@2x

Production of account statements, reports and tax documents


Directory of referring professionals



Analysis of account statements


Personalized follow-up of corrections


Consulting services and technical support

Current promotions



(first 12 months)


with annual agreement
(Autonomous plan)


for AMPQ members
(Premium plan)


for Petal's user groups

Pricing Details

$95 / month
$125 / month
$270 / month


Simplified digital entry for your billing

Autonomous Plus

Simplified digital entry for your billing


Turnkey service with digital entry

Free integration with Petal

User license for the Xacte billing system, including, real-time error identification and calculation of amounts before sending to RAMQ

User license for the Xacte mobile application, including automatic scanning of HIN (NAM)

Automatic updates to integrate major new features of the RAMQ

Analysis and popularization of the new RAMQ regulations that affect your billing

Validation of data by experts to ensure compliance with RAMQ

Online chat and technical support

Customizable data entry grids

Creation and revision tracking tool

Analysis of the account statements and application of the required corrections

Canvassing with RAMQ and other professionals to adjust your billing

Contesting non-legitimate payment refusals

Personalized follow-up of the corrections made with clear explanations

Priority phone line and consulting service

Reconciliation of admissibility reports and corrections of errors

Our Success Statistics

icon-md2@3x 7500 physicians
icon-satisfaction2@3x 11 disciplines for which Xacte is no.1
icon-psy2@3x 75 of psychiatrists use Xacte
icon-certification@2x 99 payments in conformity with the claims submitted

What our customers say

"The Xacte team has been with me every step of the way in my career, from starting my practice, to moving to a different environment, to opening my own clinic. Xacte is definitely a professional team, with a personalized and outstanding customer service. Their expertise allows us to entrust our billing to them with complete confidence. I recommend this tool."

Dr. Andrée-Ann Hounsell, Psychiatrist - La Pensée Medical Clinic

"The system is clear, the service is fast and courteous, errors are reported clearly, follow-up on questions and issues is diligent. Thanks to Xacte, I was able to quickly adjust my billing to COVID. I have nothing but congratulations!"

Dr. Éric Morissette, Internist

"I think the system is well done and makes billing so much easier, it's so fast and easy to use. The staff is just amazing and I get excellent service. Frankly, I don't know how I would have managed without Xacte during the pandemic."

Dr. Roxanne Beauregard, Psychiatrist

"It is not a satisfaction but a delight to take advantage of your services, so thank you. You are aware that we wish to dedicate our time to care and while we are happy to be compensated for it, we do not wish to waste time on it."

Dr. Lionel Cailhol, Psychiatrist - Montreal Mental Health University Institute