In Quebec, 1 in 3 optometrists trust Xacte for their medical billing needs. Recommended by The Association of Optometrists of Quebec (AOQ); Xacte allows optometrists to save valuable time by automating several billing tasks.

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Enter a payment claim in less than 10 seconds


Automatic error detection to avoid payment refusals


Keyboard shortcuts and checklists specific to optometry


Fast and simplified billing for procedures and diagnoses


Management of medical billing on the Web or from a mobile device


Fast and efficient consultations and technical support



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Our Success Statistics

Health professional users 4,000 physicians
payment complies with ramq standards 99 of payments in conformity with the claims submitted
optometrists Quebec 30 of Quebec optometrists use Xacte

Satisfied Customers

"Every time I phoned, I was able to speak to a competent person who led me in my search for solutions. I am very grateful to Xacte for being able to support me in my medical billing process, for providing me with an easy and efficient system and for offering me a flawless service. I cannot help but recommend this company to my colleagues."

Xacte user

"The Xacte mobile application allows me to bill when and where I like. It is user friendly and saves me a lot of time! I do my billing on site after seeing each patient and I minimize my mistakes. The team is amazing! There is an help icon, and if you are having difficulty with anything, with a simple email they will respond to you in the same day."

Xacte user

"I had a lot of worries at the beginning of my practice related to medical billing, but Xacte helped me along and still accompanies me in an exceptional way. Xacte is a personalized, proactive and humane service that has allowed me to avoid mistakes and has also helped me acquire a very good understanding of billing processes, a must for the self-employed. It is with confidence that I recommend this outstanding team."

Xacte user

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Pricing Details

The 10% discount offered to AOQ members is included in the price displayed.





2 free months when paid annually (890$/year)

Xacte Web - For quick entry of payment claims

Xacte Mobile App - For mobile entry of payment claims and health insurance number (NAM) Scanning

Reports and financial documents for optometrists

Technical support

Receiving account statements, correcting and returning denied claims

Follow-up section showing important information for each period

Statistics to compare with other optometrists

Billing consulting service for optometrists

Communicating with RAMQ, secretaries, accountants and other professionals


20% Additional Discount 

Optometrists who work for one of the following organizations: New Look, Greiche & Scaff, Visique, Curyeux or Regard Action or who use the OptoClick, EyeVu or Opti-Pro software benefit from an additional 20% discount.

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Billing Guide for Optometrists

Would you like to receive a personalized guide explaining the principal regulations and billing codes for optometrists? The Xacte team can provide it to you free of charge, with no commitment on your part. Available in French only.

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