Top 5 Most Read Medical Billing Articles in Quebec in 2019

Out of all the medical billing issues addressed on PetalMD’s blog in 2019, which posts were the most interesting to our readers? Here is a list of our 5 most read articles on this subject. 


PetalMD Gestimed Acquisition

5th Place

Petal and Gestimed Join Forces: Digitizing Medical Billing in Quebec

The union of Gestimed and Petal happened just over a year after Petal acquired Xacte, meaning these two Quebec companies joined forces in early fall 2019. The goal of this union is to simplify the daily lives of doctors by modernizing their medical billing processes with the RAMQ.



Intégration Xacte Petal Scheduling

th Place
Connect Your Petal Calendar to Your Xacte RAMQ Billing Solution

In the spring of 2019, we unveiled a new integration between the Xacte medical billing solution and the Petal Scheduling (Petal) solution. This integration still allows physicians to bill various events directly from their Petal calendar, such as on-call fees, training sessions, lecture clubs and departmental meetings.

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Facturation RAMQ Xacte croissance 2019


3rd Place
RAMQ Billing: Xacte Has the Largest Growth of Clients in 2019

According to data published by Santé Inc. magazine, Xacte stood out from the competition in 2019 by posting the strongest growth in terms of new physician clients, as well as positioning itself as the 2nd largest medical billing solution in Quebec.

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Facturation RAMQ 5 trucs prévenir refus de paiement

nd Place
RAMQ Billing: 5 Tricks to Prevent Payment Refusals

Xacte's medical billing experts have identified five tips to help doctors minimize billing errors that can lead to payment refusals in the complex administrative procedures associated with the RAMQ.

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5 astuces simplifier facturation médicale RAMQ

st Place
5 Tips to Simplify Your Medical Billing with the RAMQ

Since RAMQ medical billing is a complex process, our experts have identified five tips to help physicians practicing in Quebec to simplify this administrative task.

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