Find out why more and more medical clinics are signing up for Xacte to save time for both physicians and administrative staff.

Xacte for Medical Clinics


Automatic NAM scanning (single or multiple), without requiring manual entry


Automatic error detection to avoid payment refusals


Keyboard shortcuts and checklists specific to family medicine


Save time by eliminating the entry of information by administrative staff


Create payment claims directly from your EMR


Administrative tasks managed by a team of experts



Free - Patient Registration Module for the RAMQ

More user-friendly than the tool currently available to healthcare professionals, the module developed by Xacte simplifies, considerably, the process of registering patients for the RAMQ.


Our Success Statistics

xacte-healthcare-users 4,000 physicians
xacte-satisfied-customers 99 of customers who choose Xacte stay with Xacte
xacte-payment-conformity 99 of payments in conformity with the claims submitted

Satisfied Customers

"Every time I phoned, I was able to speak to a competent person who led me in my search for solutions. I am very grateful to Xacte for being able to support me in my medical billing process, for providing me with an easy and efficient system and for offering me a flawless service. I cannot help but recommend this company to my colleagues."

Physician - Laennec Clinic

"The Xacte team helped me at every step of my career path, from the beginning of my professional practice, to a change of environment and even with the opening of my medical clinic. Xacte is definitely composed of a highly professional team, having a personalized and peerless customer service. Their expertise quickly proved that I could trust them unreservedly with my medical billing. I recommend this tool."

Physician - La Pensée Medical Clinic

"The Xacte mobile application allows me to bill when and where I like. It is user friendly and saves me a lot of time! I do my billing on site after seeing each patient and I minimize my mistakes. The team is amazing! There is an help icon, and if you are having difficulty with anything, with a simple email they will respond to you in the same day."

Physician - Douglas Hospital

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Pricing Details 

Group discount available (see below)



Get 1 free month when paid annually (979$/year)


Group discount - The group discount is applicable if all the physicians are in the same agency and if they select the same options.

  • 10% off: from 5 to 19 physicians
  • 20% off: from 20 to 49 physicians
  • 30% off: 50 physicians and more

Xacte Web - For quick entry of payment claims

Xacte Mobile App - For mobile entry of payment claims, Smart castonguette and health insurance number (NAM) Scanning

Integration with your EMR

Patient Registration Module for the RAMQ

Technical support (phone and Xacte online portal)

Real-time validation of HIN (NAM) with RAMQ

Automatic validation of billing codes and diagnoses

Documents, reports and statistics

Billing grid – Importation of billing grid models

Follow-up of corrections of your billing requests

Billing of "resourcing days"

Priority technical support

Checking of data by an expert team before sending to RAMQ

Reconciliation of admissibility reports and corrections of errors

Receiving account statements, correcting and returning denied claims

Communicating with RAMQ, secretaries, accountants and other professionals

Consulting and technical support for general practitioners through chat feature


Group discount
The group discount is applicable to the Autonomous Plan if all the physicians are in the same agency and if they select the same options.

10% off: from 5 to 19 physicians
20% off: from 20 to 49 physicians
30% off: 50 physicians and more 


For Integrated Billing With Your EMR

Does your medical clinic use the EMR: Omnimed, Medesync or Kinlogix? Keep in mind that Xacte integrates seamlessly with these three EMRs to enable physicians or staff to create payment claims even faster, via automatic transcription of patient data directly from the EMR.


Billing Guide for General Practitioners

Would you like to receive a personalized guide explaining the principal regulations and billing codes for family medicine? The Xacte team can provide it to you free of charge, with no commitment on your part. Available in French only.

Request Your Free Guide

Get a financial diagnosis for your medical clinic or FMG


In collaboration with experts in medical clinic management from MultiD, Xacte offers you a financial diagnostic report for your medical clinic, free of charge and obligation. 97% of medical clinics discover additional savings or revenue sources thanks to this financial diagnosis.

Get Your Financial Diagnosis