Automatic error detection to avoid payment refusals

Layer 1-1

Automatic NAM scanning (single or multiple), without requiring manual entry (1)@2x

Production of account statements, reports and tax documents

Layer 1

Fast and simplified billing for procedures and diagnoses specific to your practice


Keyboard shortcuts and checklists specific to each specialty


Synchronization with your electronic medical record (EMR)



Analysis of account statements


Personalized follow-up of corrections


Consulting services and technical support

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We want to provide you with the tool and service that will best meet your billing needs, including your EMR, your internal processes and the number of physicians working full and part time in your clinic. All you have to do is write to us, specifying your needs and a specialist advisor will contact you afterwards.

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Our Success Statistics

icon-md2@3x 1300 physicians
xacte-icon-bills@2x 6 payment requests processed per year
icon-certification@2x 99 payments in conformity with the claims submitted

"The system is very pleasant to use and the experts are both friendly and efficient when you have a request. I am very satisfied with the services offered by Xacte and would not hesitate to recommend them."

Dr. Ronald Akhras, General Practitioner

"The Xacte team is dynamic, proactive and responsive, Not only do they respond quickly to my questions, but they also provide suggestions to improve my billing."

Dr. Emerson Fadois, General Practitioner

"After a period of adjustment, I am currently very satisfied with the service. The speed and accuracy of the staff's responses via the chat tool or phone clearly exceeds my expectations."

Dr. Jacob Courtemanche, General Practitioner

"The system is very responsive to my needs and the chat works very well: you get answers quickly. The overall service is very much appreciated."

Dr. Karine Emond, General Practitioner