Examples of topics covered during training sessions

  • The first administrative steps required to begin your RAMQ billing

  • How to register with the CMQ, the CPMA and the RAMQ

  • Types of remuneration and ways of invoicing

  • Billing principles specific to your specialty.

  • How billing periods function

  • The role of the main organizations in Quebec involved in your billing process

Video Recording of Webinars 

Each year, Xacte and MultiD's medical billing experts offer training to residents who are about to begin their practice in order to help them master the basics of RAMQ billing.

This year, 17 webinars were conducted in May and June 2021 to meet the needs of different medical pratices. This training is now available online for you to take at your convenience. 

More than 550 residents registered for the training in 2021 and 97% recommend it

"Very interesting training, I took several notes. We overviewed the different scenarios that we could experience. And now I feel more ready for the beginning of my practice!"

General Practicioner

"Really good training. Clear, concise and interactive. The trainer gave excellent answers to our many questions."


"The training allowed me to clarify many concepts of medical billing that were confusing to me."

General Practitioner

"Great training, following a well-thought structure tailored to my specialty. I really appreciated the interaction and the answer clarifications to the questions asked throughout the training."


Receive a video recording of the webinar and an introductory guide to medical billing 

The 2021 edition of our medical billing trainings concluded on June 17. You can get the video recordings today. Please note that the form below and majority of the webinars are in French, but webinars in English are also available.

Request a customized training

For groups of 5 doctors or more, a specialized advisor can offer you a customized group training, entirely tailored to your specialty.

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