Each year, Xacte's specialized advisers offer Quebec residents a free, no-obligation training course titled RAMQ Billing Simplified. The purpose of this course is to teach residents the basics of medical billing and support them at the start of their practice.

This two-hour course is an opportunity to learn ways of simplifying your administrative tasks that will save you time and money. 

Upcoming Training Sessions

Our 2019 training sessions are currently in preparation. If you would like to have more information or receive an email once the upcoming dates are available, let us know at: info@xacte.net

Sorry, there are currently no upcoming events.

Request Personalized or Group Training for Residents

Are you planning your first practice and haven't found a training event that fits your specialization or schedule below? Send us a request for personalized or group training (5 people or more), describing your medical practice. We will be happy to contact you to schedule a RAMQ Billing Simplified training course tailored to your needs.


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