Integrate Your Medical Billing With Your EMR

Did you know Xacte can be seamlessly integrated into your Omnimed, Medesync, Kinlogix EMR, Ofys and EyeVu? Your claims can be generated directly from your usual DME page. Since the patient's data is automatically transferred, you’ll really save a lot of time while avoiding billing errors.

All the Features Xacte Provides

Quick Entry of Payment ClaimsDetails

  • Billing grid for entering services, hourly rates and mixed remuneration
  • Grid templates for fixed fees and recurring patients
  • Checklists and keyboard shortcuts tailored to your specialization
  • List of diagnoses specific to your specialization
  • Directory of referring professionals
  • Data transfer from EMR to Xacte (exclusively for medical clinics)
  • Creation of payment claims from EyeVu or OptoClick to Xacte (exclusive to optometrists)

Mobile Application with Automatic NAM ScanningDetails

  • Includes most features for entering, validating and viewing payment claims and documents
  • Automatic health insurance number (NAM) scanning (single or multiple) without any manual entry required
  • Geo-tracking enables automatic selection of billing location
  • Available on iOS and Android

Automatic Validation of Payment ClaimsDetails

  • Real-time validation of HIN (NAM) with the RAMQ
  • Automatic validation of billing codes
  • Automatic validation of diagnoses
  • Display amounts before sending to the RAMQ
  • Automated calculation of ceilings before penalties
  • Schedule and deadlines to be met

Expert Medical Billing ServicesDetails

  • Reconciling error reports
  • Forwarding hourly rate and blended remuneration payment claims to authorized signatory
  • Multi-physician verification to prevent billing conflicts with colleagues
  • Communicating with the RAMQ, secretaries, accountants and other professionals
  • Receiving account statements, correcting and returning denied claims
  • Checking of data before sending to the RAMQ

Documents, Reports and StatisticsDetails

  • Account statements in Web and PDF versions
  • Tax documents
  • Admissibility reports
  • Adding your own documents and favourites
  • Can be synchronized with DropBox
  • Comparison of fee-for-service vs. mixed/blended remuneration
  • Comparative statistics with other physicians in your discipline (exclusively for psychiatrists)

Free - Patient Registration Module for the RAMQDetails

  • Simplified patient registration with the RAMQ for medical clinics
  • Real-time access to patient records
  • Registration duplication, allowing the easy and fast addition of modifications
  • Automatic registration of correct billing codes
  • Synchronizing with Xacte billing system
Billing Guide Regulations Codes
Electronic Document

Billing Guide for Your Specialty

Would you like to receive a personalized guide explaining the principal regulations and billing codes for your specialty? The Xacte team can provide it to physicians free of charge, with no commitment on your part. Available in French only.

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