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healthcare professionals practitioners physicians 4,000 physicians
psychiatrists 70 of psychiatrists in Quebec
optometrists 30 of optometrists in Quebec
Customer Success Satisfaction 99 of customers who choose Xacte stay with Xacte

With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of medical billing and a few years at the CMA (Canadian Medical Association), I had a number of ideas to simplify the physician billing process. I wanted to integrate them into a brand new generation of billing software and create something unique. This is how Xacte was born."

Suzanne Dorion

Founder of Xacte

Our Business Culture

The Xacte team is part of the PetalMD team, which has more than 70 employees dedicated to improving the health system by developing innovative medical and administrative solutions. Located in Quebec City, PetalMD and Xacte offer a stimulating work environment and a startup atmosphere that fosters teamwork.

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